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UCI World Road Cycling Championships: Nazir Jaser rides against the shadows of the past

Deep in the shadows of the past, far out from settled lands, some nomads traveled with their God across the desert sands. The dawning hope of humankind by them was sensed and shown: a promise calling them ahead, a future yet Meter: C. A ton of XP, reputation and a very nice ring indeed!

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Yes, I think I do know who this man is, but his name is not Maelik. Assassins wear many names and many masks, discarding them as they lose their usefulness. Another alias known to be used by this man is Marzon; though even that is surely not his true name.

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Regardless, he is an assassin and I know a good deal about him. Marzon is currently under the employ of Lord Gregor Lescovar, a lord of shady reputation, even given the corruption of the nobility of Stormwind.

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I've also read several threads online ubi forums, xa, reddit etc. Your experience may still be different. The echo will still appear on your map and you can interact with it, but after that part of the mission is completed the game fails to register it as "collected".