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A command line utility to create kernels in Jupyter from virtual environments. Installation Callisto may be installed from pypi : pip install callisto Tested against python 2. Basic Usage.

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Jupyter servers will now have an option for a kernel called venv. Naming the kernel. Jupyter servers will now have an option for a kernel called venv , and pete. Deleting kernels.

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Sometimes you may want to tidy kernels up a bit. Lacking courage. Please make sure you are in a virtual environment! Viewing existing kernels. If you forgot the informative message about the kernel information, you can see it later.

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Project details Project links Homepage. Release history Release notifications This version.

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Download files Download the file for your platform. Files for callisto, version 0. Close Hashes for callisto File type Wheel. For the dev: After I passed the dynamite wall I fell out of the world and couldn't die. Exit to menu just booted me entirely from game. View videos.

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Some trouble. Finding it hard to pick up O2 cannisters.


Also how to get the antenna running? How to blow up the dynamite? How to blow up the dynamite in the second level?

In every gameplay-video that i watched, people just walk through the hole in the barrier. But that is not the solution, or? So, how to blow up the barrier?

Callisto Network monetary policy update. · Issue #56 · EthereumCommonwealth/Roadmap · GitHub

How to get to 2nd level? This is the right way. See More Content. No more content. So sad.

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